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{I need a CAG with guts and innitiative to plan and lead the attack...}

Galactica's not relic, it's a classic and I for one...

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Hello. Hello, my name is Lauren.
INTERESTS photography, art, reading, writing, poetry
MUSIC a fine frenzy, sara bareillas, within temptation, kate nash, frou frou, emilie autumn
TV battlestar galactica, bones, NCIS, farscape, stargate sg-1
MOVIES Unthinkable, Confessions of an American Girl, Swimming with Sharks, Johnson County War
SHIPS cain/gina, cain/shaw, cain/starbuck, cain/roslin, jamie/susan, samantha/caroline, vala/daniel, tony/ziva, john/aeryn

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Let me tell you something. I've had to watch a lot of kids be put into body bags. They're covered with flags and they float out that airlock. You think I don't understand his feelings towards his men? Sometimes terrible things have to be done. Inevitably, each and every o­ne of us will have to face a moment where we have to commit that horrible sin. And if we flinch in that moment, if we hesitate for o­ne second, if we let our conscience get in the way, you know what happens? There are more kids in those body bags. More kids floating out that airlock. I don't know why... but I have a lot of faith in you. And I want you to promise me that when that moment comes you won't flinch. Do not flinch.
;Admiral Helena Cain
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the razor herself Helena Cain, played by Michelle Forbes.

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